Prize of Firma DIW Instandhaltung Ltd. & Co. KG

Frenchman Patrice Delaveau won Friday’s Prize of the DIW Instandhaltung Ltd. & Co. KG – the second qualifying class for the MERCEDES GERMAN MASTER later in the evening – at the 30th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show. Riding his ten-year old Holstein stallion Lacrimoso HDC, the 2010 Team European Championship silver medal winner was almost a second quicker than Doda de Miranda when going clear in 61.48 seconds. The Brazilian also left all the fences standing in a time of 62.39 seconds on his 10-year old mare Ad Nouvelle Europe Z. Third was the German Marco Kutscher atop his Westphalian gelding Cornet's Cristallo (0/62.96).