Nadine Husenbeth: win in Piaff Prize on father’s horse

The beaming winner summed it up short and sweet: “Magic”. The 21-year old took first place on Friday morning in the Prize of the Liselott-Schindling and Klaus Rheinberger-Stiftung, the final of the so-called Piaff-Förderpreises, with a score of 70.255 points. The 14-year old mare Florida, which was bred in Rhineland in Germany, belongs to her father who himself was a world and European champion. Now he is trainer, coach and groom for his daughter and in Nadine Husenbeth’s words, he “attends to everything and it’s all done very well.” Jürgen Koschel, the head coach of a group of promising dressage riders, smiled and added: “In the past, Klaus also rode the mare at horse shows but his daughter does a better job.” Germany’s head dressage coach, Monica Theodorescu commented: “The top three all performed excellently. The rides were of a Grand Prix standard.” In second place was Annabel Frenzen in the saddle on the 14-year old Holstein gelding Cristobal (69.532). Lisa-Maria Klössinger and New Lord, a 12-year old Holstein gelding finished third (69.404).

Gotthilf Riexinger, the director of the 29th STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show, congratulated the winner “and her proud father” and remarked that Nadine Husenbeth has won a final on her first ever appearance in Stuttgart. “Hats off, it was a fine and correct performance,” he said. The fact that the final of the Piaff-Förderpreis has been held for years now in Stuttgart is something that, “makes us very proud but we also give something back to the sponsors and up-and-coming riders as we provide them with a great setting in a fantastic indoor arena.”