Pairs vaulting at the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS: local duo ahead of Austria and a pair from nearby Aalen

Stuttgart – Richly deserved win for local vaulters: Theresa-Sophie Bresch and Daniel Rein from the “Pferdesportverein Roseck” club in nearby Unterjesingen won the pairs vaulting competition for the Prize of Masterhorse at the 26th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle on Sunday morning. After adding the scores for the two rounds together and then dividing them by two, the top German pair at the moment, were, together with the longeur Doris Marquart, awarded 8.409 points for their performance on the 11-year-old black gelding Cyrano. In the lead after Saturday’s first round (8.211), they were also given the day’s highest mark – 8.606 – for their ride on Sunday.

In second were the reigning European junior champions Kathi Nell and Daniela Slomka (Austria) with 8.290 points – their ten-year-old gelding Valeccito was guided by Edith Kermer-Berger. Another local pair – Nadine Langer und Melanie Nagel – was one place behind in third after scoring 7.155 for their performance on Lucky Lennon, a 13-year-old gelding who was led by longeur Oliver Petter. The French sister and brother pair, Lucie and Simon Chevrel, borrowed Lucky Lennon from Langer and Nagel and along with Daniele Nousse at the end of the longe line they scored 7.022 points for fourth. Fifth were the Germans Ines Klophaus and Elke Eyring on the 12-year-old grey stallion. They and their longeur Monika Klophaus scored 6.999 points.