Swop of the proms in eventing: Ahlmann instead of Ehning

(acm/mps), Marcus Ehning (Borken), one of the most prominent show jumpers, rode in the field of the eventing experts at the premiere of the fifth Equestrian sports discipline, the indoor eventing, within the bounds of the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS 2002, the 18th international riding and show jumping competition. The World Cup winner also announced his participation in the derby eventing test for the price of the Dietz Fruchtsäfte this year, but had to cancel his participation recently.

But the Stuttgart organisers are able to present a more than adequate substitute: Christian Ahlmann (Marl), the double European champion from Donaueschingen and rising star of the year, completes the field of the eventing riders. Thus, Ahlmann, who also is a licensed trotting race driver, will already try out the third Equestrian sports type in Stuttgart, apart from show jumping, his prime discipline.