Heinrich Hermann Engemann wins again in the JEEP Jump and Drive

(acm/mps) A difficult course with the horse, followed by a course at the steering wheel of a JEEP Wrangler 2.4 Sport which was not less demanding – the JEEP Jump and Drive has established itself very well as a tremendous start of the show evening at the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS, the international riding and show jumping competition.

Also, for the 19th edition of the competition, the enthusiastic crowd in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle created the appropriate atmosphere for the hp spectacle, which Heinrich Hermann Engemann could win like in previous year. On Hollywood, the 14-year stallion from the Netherlands, the chairman of the Club Deutscher Springreiter (German show jumpers club) was again the fastest with a horsepower of 144, of which 143 belonged to JEEP Wrangler. After 98,44 seconds, Engemann reached the finish and relegated Jeroen Dubbeldam, the Olympic winner (The Netherlands) on Balaboeska, (101,56) as well as Thomas Velin, the Dane on Godsend du Reverdy (102,16) to the places.