STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS with new dimension – increased interior space enables sports and entertainment on the highest level

The STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS, the 21st riding and show jumping show, will be a “giant” event – literally speaking, as the world’s most varied indoor show presents itself indeed in an impressive dimension after the renovation of the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. The spacious interior of the Stuttgart arena has always guaranteed generous conditions. However, the top event can now count on course dimensions of enormous 95 times 40 meters which nearly equals the ones of big outdoor shows. “Our riding arena – which was already very big for an indoor show – has now increased about further 1.000 square metres. This is not only visually very impressive, but also gives us completely new possibilities in the design of the courses. I am convinced, that Conrad Homfeld, our new course designer, will make us of this area to guarantee top-level show jumping sports”, declared Gotthilf Riexinger, the show director. However, this new situation also offers opportunities to further increase the standard for the indoor eventing test, one of the highlights of the show evening on Wednesday, as well as for the two driving tests on Friday and Saturday. “I think that Falk Bönisch, our course designer for the driving tests, can excellently make use of the additional space for the World Cup test for the SCHENKER GERMAN MASTER, to ensure that this test will still be a little bit more exciting, more spectacular and include more action,” added Riexinger.

Although the continuing renovation works of this year request the mastering of some logistic challenges, admitted Andreas Kroll, the managing director of the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft. “However, everything goes according to plan and we expect a trouble-free show 2005.” Due to the renovation of the Porsche arena which is carried out in parallel, the stable area – for example – has to be constructed with tents on the Cannstadter Wasen. The horses can be led to the arena via the underpass which will be closed during the event. “I am sure that we will also offer the best conditions for top sports performances and exciting entertainment this year,” said Kroll confidently and promised: “If the Porsche arena is ready in 2006, we will have an excellent infrastructure for top-class events like the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS”.

Thus, the requirements are met, and that the protagonists on the reins, and in the saddle will guarantee sports and entertainment on the highest level, has already been quite obvious before the entry closing on the 18th of October. Thus, e.g. for the show jumping tests, the international male and female riders have been invited according to the rules of the FEI for the World Cup shows. “And although we cannot say whether all invited riders will confirm the invitation, the list clearly indicates that we will again have absolutely top class participants”, promised Riexinger. The show director already received two confirmations of prominent riders. With Marco Kutscher (Riesenbeck) the bronze medal winner from Athens and Christina Liebherr (Switzerland), the two top placed riders of the European Championships in San Patriano 2005 will definitely fight for the prize money, prestige and winner’s cars. “Although we cannot offer a definite entry list for dressage either, but a top class field becomes apparent in this discipline as well”, added Riexinger.

The list of the participants for the SCHENKER GERMAN MASTER, the World Cup test for the four-in-hand-drivers is already common knowledge, but its names are no less famous. Here, Michael Freund (Dreieich), who became champion in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle eleven times, has to beat top-class competence in order to complete the dozen. First of all, there are Jozsef Dobrovitz and Zoltan Lazar, the team World Champions from Hungary. However, Daniel Würgler (Switzerland), who finished the World Cup qualification in fifth position, or Christoph Sandmann (Lähden), the seventh of this qualifying test, will do everything possible to stop Freud’s continuous victory series in Stuttgart. And the reception of the organiser’s wildcard will be enough motivation for Max Dangel (Vechta), the sixth participant, to perform the best he can.

Apart from exciting and top class equestrian sports, the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS also offer a spectacular, varied side program about which the fans are always absolutely enthusiastic. And thus, Riexinger can announce a show program at its finest for the 21st edition of the show. “Once again, our show evening on Wednesday will be a worthy start of the entire show which will certainly grip those who are enthusiastic about horses, but also the fans who are not so confirmed.” “Le Pardon”, the horse musical, will be the highlight of the show section on Wednesday evening: 18 horses, eight musicians, and numerous artistes form part of the impressive show and will convert the arena of the Schleyer-Halle into a theatre stage. Directed by Jean-François Pignon, who is world-famous for his harmonic free dressages, “Le Pardon” will be a real “gem”. The first performances of show jumpers and dressage riders from Baden-Württemberg, the indoor eventing test with spectacular natural fences as well as the popular MercedesCard Jump & Drive will complete the program and will turn the Wednesday once again into a start which will please everybody. “However, there will also be a lot of entertainment on the other days”, promised Riexinger. “Without doubt, the joint performance of the mounted police echelons from Stuttgart and Mannheim, which is worth seeing, will be another highlight on Saturday evening”.

The fact that the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS in the last 20 years of their existence have converted themselves into one of the world’s best equestrian sports events ever, largely depends on the loyal and enthusiastic audience which is responsible for the impressive atmosphere in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. And there are a lot of indicators that it will be the same in 2005. “Until the beginning of October, we already sold 24.000 tickets which is a thoroughly good result for the advance booking sales”, said Andreas Kroll joyfully about the continuing interest of the fans from the region and from far away. Kroll added, that there would still be tickets available for all ten event sections. However, for the most popular sections, like Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening as well as Sunday afternoon, the demand would be extremely high. “I can only recommend that the fans to make sure of the desired tickets as soon as possible, especially for these sections.”

Entrance tickets for the 21st STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS riding and show jumping show cost between 10 and 40 Euro, tickets for the entire show between 119 and 175 Euro, including all advance booking fees, plus transportation costs. They are available at the EASY TICKET SERVICE via telephone under (+49 711) 2 55 55 55, via fax under (+49 711) 2 55 55 66, at all advance booking offices or via Internet under or