“An outstanding horse show and a fabulous crowd” - over 53,500 equestrian fans in the Schleyer-Halle

Stuttgart – The 37th STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS will draw to a close today on Sunday with the Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM for the Grand Prix of Stuttgart with BW-Bank and WALTER solar. “For us, it was and is an outstanding horse show with a fabulous crowd and an atmosphere that was once again unparalleled. We have seen equestrian excellence with exciting classes and fantastic winners. I’d like to pick out Harry Charles, the 24-year-old Briton. He has gone down in the history books as the youngest winner in the history of the German Master,” said Andreas Kroll, CEO of the in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft.

“The spectators at the 37th STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS have really had their money’s worth. The over 53,500 attendance means our expectations were not only fulfilled but exceeded. We’re totally happy and satisfied. For me, 2023 was the most emotional GERMAN MASTERS ever,” stressed Andreas Kroll at the Closing Press Conference just before the Grand Prix of Stuttgart. 

Other outstanding protagonists at the 37th horse show once again included Isabell Werth who performed impressively when winning four dressage classes. In jumping, Markus Kölz and Hans-Dieter “Hansi” Dreher amongst others etched their names in the rolls of honour. Boyd Exell once again proved himself to be an entertainer at the reins and an outstanding four-in-hand driver when securing his ninth Master title in the FEI World Cup class in the Schleyer-Halle. 

The 21-year-old Pia Schmülling (Germany) sprang an upset in the Indoor Derby for the Prize of WALTER solar on the opening day on Wednesday. Riding brilliantly, she surprised the field and was a deserved winner in the Indoor Derby. 

Angela Brötel, Director of Group Communications, Marketing and the Executive Board Offices at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, was also highly positive when reviewing the horse show: “We’ve been a godparent right from the start and this year we not only experienced a horse show but also a huge event. A highlight for us was also naturally the BW-Bank Indoor Championship Markus Kölz’s win, his third in the class.” Angela Brötel was visibly thrilled by the whole atmosphere. “As a sponsor, it’s simply a lot of fun and we can feel the excitement generated by all the equestrian fans and customers that were in the arena.” 

Wolfgang Walter, CEO of Walter-Konzept GmbH, spoke of “a gigantic atmosphere in front of and behind the scenes”. He himself experienced the horse show not only as a sponsor but also as the organiser of the Energy Forum, and as the father of a rider: “I’m obviously on the edge of my seat when Mario is riding.” The Energy Forum, which attracted 100 guests for its fifth edition, is also gaining in stature.  “For us, the Forum belongs to the STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS,” said Walter.  

The 38th International STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS Horse Show will take place next year from 13 to 17 November 2024.

More information about the horse show at www.stuttgart-german-masters.de

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stuttgartgermanmasters


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“An outstanding horse show and a fabulous crowd” - over 53,500 equestrian fans in the Schleyer-Halle

Stuttgart – The 37th STUTTGART GERMAN MASTERS will draw to a close today on Sunday with the Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM for the Grand Prix of...

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